A whole new world of blogging

Ever since I changed sites from my old blog to this here new one… I’ve noticed a big change in the readership… or at least the commenters.

Old blog commenters were largely fellow northerners, throwing their two-cents and support my way… all of which was much appreciated. I’ve not had problems with trolls like some people have.

But with the switch to the new blog… and I suppose new blog content, I’ve seen people commenting I’ve never known existed. I thought signing up to Networked Blogs on Facebook would make a difference, but it’s not those people that are leaving their mark. And that’s pretty cool.

Probably the best part about blogging – beyond just having an outlet – is the feedback you get from others.

So, if you’re a long-term reader, I want to say thanks for stopping by day after day… even when there’s been little to update. And if you’re a newbie, welcome! I appreciate that you’re taking the time out to read this little scrap of the world wide web.

And as always, keep commenting!

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