I’m hooked on a new show.

Luckily this time around I’m not joining the party halfway through. This time, I spotted the show from its trailers.

I’m not going to pretend that Glee is for everyone. I like it because I see a lot of myself in the characters: it’s about a group of high school students trying to keep their glee club alive. And while we didn’t have a glee club in our school, we had a drama club, and for years lamented the fact that our high school wasn’t included in the ‘annual musical rotation’ like the two neighbouring schools.

So when I watch the show, I’m admittedly hit with a bit of nostalgia. I see myself and I see my friends. And I see the struggle to normalize and fit in and … okay I’m getting a bit off track here. Glee isn’t about Jackie Sticking Out, it’s a fun show that is about misfits. And misfits have the most fun of all šŸ™‚

Frankly, the show probably is too niche-market to last very long. It’ll probably be criticized for being too teeny-boppy, too quirky, too ‘riding on the coat tails of High School Musical’ … because let’s face it, there are 70-odd songs performed at least in part throughout the first 13 episodes – and that’s a lot.

But there’s some real gems in there.

For starters, three of the main characters are former Broadway alum. All the characters do their own singing (which blows my mind because I could have sworn that was Kayne’s voice) but most of them are ‘nobodies’ – – at least in the film/tv world. Seriously, I checked them out. Ninety per cent of the cast have almost no tv or film appearances before this show. That’s unreal.

And it’s got this cute little underlying theme: that being different is okay. Gleeks (Glee Geek, natch!) rule and Cheerios (Cheer leaders) are just vapid little grain nuggets. And that’s pretty cool in my books.

My only concern is that as Townie pointed out about Pushing Daisies a couple seasons ago when IT premiered… Yes, the show’s quirky and fun, but quirky doesn’t get you picked up for a second season.


One Response to “Gleeful”

  1. Karri Says:

    Hey girl, I’ve been watching it too… via internet of course. I loved the first episode but remain unconvinced by the second… I thought that was Kanye too (impressed to learn it wasn’t???), and in fact originally thought the performances from the second episode far too lip-sync-y (unlike the pilot). Also, I’d love to get more into the stories of the “other” glee kids, rather than just Stage Princess and Football Player (bad memory for names) and Hot Teacher and his Psychotic Wife.

    So my verdict is… I’m going to watch the third! And see if I like it again… perhaps the pilot just set my hopes too high.

    Uh, the third one isn’t out yet, or is it? (I’m a little behind on the TV sched over here…)


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