Bad things happen to beautiful people

I just found out a friend of mine has cancer.

I’ve not talked to her in months, maybe a year, and in that time she’s been diagnosed with cervical cancer, had chemotherapy and radiation.

Now she waits until October, when her next MRI is scheduled.

I lived with this girl for a summer, when I was in France. She’s the most well-balanced, beautiful soul I’ve ever met. She can start up a conversation with a rock, and she loves people for who they are. She comes alive when she’s around others but is a free and independent spirit all the same. And I miss her.

It’s times like these that I really resent the time I spent up north. It’s when I hear I’ve missed significant events in the lives of the ones I love that I curse that I ever left “the south.”

But I guess all I can really do is try to make up the time I missed. I think I’m heading to Montreal with my sister on Friday. It looks like she’s got a job there. I’m going up to help her find a place and get settled, but it seems silly now to go all the way to Montreal and not drive another two hours to Ottawa.

If you’re a praying person, I’d appreciate if you’d say a little one for Ashlee. If you’re not… maybe send her a good vibe. She’s a true asset to this earth, and deserves to stay a long while.


8 Responses to “Bad things happen to beautiful people”

  1. Fawn Says:

    Ohhh, sorry to hear that Jackie. Here’s a prayer of healing for Ashlee along with a good vibe.

  2. Kara Says:

    I understand your sentiments about being away and missing events.

    Our prayers are with your friend.

  3. A. Says:

    I’m in the ‘Twa! I feel like I should offer to drop off cookies or something, although I imagine it would be weird to have some stranger do that.

    I’ll hold a good thought for your friend.

  4. Indigo Says:

    the thing about being pesent is just that :: one has to be present in the present. I remember coming home after a long stint of some years in the north and finding out quite accidentally that a good friend had died some months previously. No one thought to tell me. I was away. No one thought to tell me when I came back because by then it was old news and I guess they all thought I knew.

    • Jackie S. Quire Says:

      Wow, I can’t imagine that. How heartbreaking. I had a couple situations like that back when I was in university. Relatives and friends of the family would be sick and pass away and my parents wouldn’t tell me because they thought it would upset me, and disrupt my studies. While I appreciated the sentiment, I called them out on it … yes it hurts to hear, but I feel the need to know what’s going on. Maybe that’s my journalist side coming out 🙂

  5. Jackie S. Quire Says:

    Thanks for your kind words/thoughts guys. I saw her this past week and while she’s a bit tired, she’s doing pretty well.
    Her next MRI is October, so it’s all up in the air until then.
    I’ve got my fingers crossed.

  6. She’s so lucky « Serendipity Now Says:

    […] am thankful for my friend Ashlee, her inspiration ways and unflinching spirit and I’m hopeful that she’s on the upside […]

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