Sentimental flashbacks

I was cleaning out/organizing some of my folders on my laptop this morning, when I came across this shot. I stared at it a long time, like one tends to do when they come across long-forgotten gems.


This is a photo taken at Paul and Sarah’s cabin. One of the rare “inside” shots I have of the place. Initially, I had no idea when I took this. Bright sun, beers on the table and thermal underwear (notably, Sarah’s infamous WHITE FLEECE PANTS!) are par for the course no matter the time of year. But as I look closer, I spy Paul’s Canada Goose jacket over the back of a chair, and my ‘winter combo’ hanging up in the closet.

Nat’s holding her new GPS, she and Kelly spent most of the afternoon that day playing around with their new toys. It was a good thing too. The next day as we left on what SHOULD have been an hour-long drive back to town, the visibility was TERRIBLE. The wind had picked up and was blowing the soft upper-coat of snow around at dizzying speeds.

It was the most terrifying snowmobile drive I’d ever made. We couldn’t see more than two or three feet in front of us at any given time. This was also right around breakup time, so sea ice travel was tricky; every now and then a three-foot eruption of ice would jut out in front of you, and you had to manouver around it. At one point, we lost Sarah and Paul … the only two of us who really knew the route. Kelly had mapped it out on his GPS, but we got off the ‘trail’ so it was rough going.

Eventually, Sarah and Paul came back for us. I gave up driving my machine because I was just too terrified. Sarah took the wheel, and we all putt-putted back to town. I think in the end it probably took about 3 hours.

It’s funny how memories work, when you think about it. I came upon the photo by chance (it was mixed in with the ‘crime scene’ photos from the Rankin murder back in the spring) and knew nothing about it. As I picked apart the details, I started to unravel a moment in time. And a small thread – Nat proudly showing Kelly a feature on her GPS – revealed the memory of a true nothern experience: getting lost in a snowstorm kilometers outside town.

Pretty cool.

I doubt any of them reads this, but if you do, know that I miss you guys 😦 but I know this is how it needs to be.

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