Bumps along the way, Part 1

In theory, part of the beauty of road trips are the little mishaps that hit along the way.

Otherwise, the trip would be no fun, right?

Well, following that logic, our trip so far has just been a barrel of laughs. Because while I should be lounging around in a cottage just outside Perce right about now… in fact I’m tapping away at a public computer in the Campbellton tourist information centre. Hours away from Perce.

What’s keeping me away from that cozy bed on the ocean? An oil tanker colliding with a passenger vehicle on route 134. Smoke you can see for kilometers, rumoured human fatalities, and the only road to the Gaspe being blocked off for hours.

We actually came upon the accident about 5 minutes, maybe 10, after it happened. I was sitting in the passenger seat at the time, dilligently filling out a Soduku. I looked up from my page of half-completed grids to see billowing smoke. Black billowing smoke, not unlike the smoke-monster from Lost. Only hundreds of times bigger.

As we got closer, we saw about 20 cars had lined up on the side of the road, all at a full-stop. Someone’s F-250 was parked across both lanes, blocking traffic. Beyond it, a small car in flames, and the cylinder of an oil truck off its bracings, laying on the side of the road.

The police weren’t even there yet.

So we consulted our map, turned around, and went back the way we came, in search of one of the little side roads that led up the mountian and then back down again. The idea being that we could just bypass the accident and go on our merry way.

We made our way to a little town, literally in the middle of nowhere, where we spoke in broken French to two bikini-clad pre-teen girls. Who told us that all roads out of the village went into the woods, and the only building in town (a hotel) was closed…. because it was a WEEKEND! Haha. (Even the Sinik in Rankin is open on the weekend :))

So we meandered our way out of the Quebec Boreal forest, back towards the accident, in hopes that traffic had cleared, and we could keep going.

Not a chance, the road has been closed because it’s now a chemical spill, and a mega cleanup is in store.

Tonite we stay in a one-bedroom cottage up the river from Campbellton, and try (for the third night in a row) to hide the pup from curious managers. Tomorrow, I hope, we’ll make our way to Perce… and I’ll lay on the beach for the next week or so.

Fingers crossed…


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