Sweet, sweet, solitude

I love my parents. I really do. There’s no way I could have moved back home if I didn’t. Not everyone would have had that option open to them. Hell, when my mom heard there were going to be layoffs at the CBC oh-so-many months ago, her first reaction (jokingly, of course) was *Oooo! You could come HOME!* And while I’m sure she’d prefer I’d be employed, rather than waiting for my first EI cheque… they did open the front door to me and the pup without a second thought.

But there’s something to be said for having the house to yourself on a Sunday afternoon. The parents are out cavorting with my aunts and uncles at a cousin’s kid’s birthday fiesta. And I opted to be anti-social and stay at home, with the pup. This might actually be the first time I’ve skipped out on a family affair (when I’ve been on this side of the world, anyways). But I think I needed it.

I don’t think I ever realized how much I cherish true alone time. I spent so many nights over the past couple years feeling lonely. Feeling sorry for myself for feeling alone. But going from living in an apartment all by myself for two full years… to living in a house with two other people – both of whom are on vacation and have been since I got back – is quite the change.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve enjoyed the home-cooked meals. It’s been great having a default beach-buddy. Going on road trips and gabbing till my voice disappears… these are all very good things.

But I found myself smiling to myself just now, as I sat on the floor of their living room, current quilting project in my lap, West Wing Season 4 on the tube and a Diet Pepsi in my hand.

Sometimes a girl needs some time to herself.


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4 Responses to “Sweet, sweet, solitude”

  1. Mongoose Says:

    No kidding. I never move back to my parents’, obviously, but I find the same thing when I have roommates of the higher generation… They just don’t know how to be roommates. When you have roommates our age they interact like… roommates, you know. Do something together some times, but mostly everyone has their own lives to live and just happens to sleep in the same house. People of the older generation just can’t seem to be in the same house without having to interact all the time. Talking, doing things together, cooking, eating together… It wears me out. If I never have to share a house with 50+-year-olds that will be too soon for me.

    • Jackie S. Quire Says:

      🙂 Generally I’m a social being. But sometimes, I just like the peace.
      Also: I don’t think I could ever have room mates again. I like my independence too much.

      • Jackie S. Quire Says:

        That is, unless it were Andrea and Robyn, the condiments. But the odds of that happening are nil.

  2. Geri Says:

    Hi Jackie…glad you are able & ARE taking some time for yourself…yov’ve had a lot of change over the last 5 yrs. When I was away in college or teaching, I used to LOVE coming home to mmom & dads & my own pillow….feeling like a kid all over again…allow yourself to get nourished..come down to Montague & I’ll take you out for lunch 🙂

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