Pogie-tans, sloth-dogs and road trips

  • According to my Dad, I’m “ripenin‘ brownin’ up like a berry*.” I think this means I’m gettin’ all tan-like. For the first time since I spent a summer taught swimming lessons in high school I’m actually darker than my sister. I am hereby naming this phenomena the “pogie-tan”
  • Sully, while a great cuddle-dog, is a useless running-dog. Which for the most part, is fine because I’m also a useless running-human. But for some strange reason I decided to take him on a walk-run this evening. I’ve finally found a living, breathing, THING that is slower than I am. Man we’re a good match.
  • I’m heading off to Halifax on Monday to drop off my friend, Laura, and her newly-inherited guinea pig (Shamus). Shamus used to belong to me, but I had to abandon him when I moved up north. Apparently little furry beings like him don’t do plane rides all that well. So my Mom’s been taking care of him ever since, with the idea that I’d take back ownership upon my return. Well, upon my return, I found out that I’m seriously allergic to the poor bugger and needed to find him a new home. Dear Laura, being the kind soul that she is, volunteered and the two will begin their happy guinea pig-human journey starting Monday. I know he’s in good hands. After all, this is the same woman who had the great sense to pick Sully out of the litter that fateful day, nearly 2 years ago.
  • Upon my return from Halifax mid-week, I’ll be jetting (putting?) off to the Gaspe for a couple weeks with my mom. A friend of hers has a cottage on the shore up there and we’re going to be beach bums out there. Not sure what kind of internet access I’ll have up there. Worst case scenario I’ll do some posts up and upload when I can. Such are the joys of summer, after all.

* I was informed this morning by said parental unit that he, in fact, used the word “brownin'” not “ripenin'” to describe my berry-like status. Now personally, I’ve not seen very many brown berries, and if I did… I wouldn’t eat one… but whatever. This journalist (or former journalist?) can appreciate accuracy. Even if it is just an ornery parent being picky. Everyone’s a critic 😛


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