Too dumb for the ‘net


Maybe it’s my aforementioned fuzzy brain. Maybe it’s being so out of the web world for so long. Maybe it’s just not knowing WordPress very well.

But I feel just really so very out of it right now. I’ve been trying for weeks to figure out how to streamline my posting, while at the same time, drawing traffic to my blog and not my Facebook Notes page.

I know there are a certain subset of my readers who read the posts imported to Facebook and never actually see the website. And while I can understand it’s more convenient that way… it’s just easier for me to have the man blog outlet be in one spot.

I tried Networked blogs, but in order to have them import exerpts to your Facebook home page, you have to have a certain amount of followers. At this point, I don’t have enough.

So I’m turning now to you, fellow bloggers… especially WordPress users.

Is there anyway people know of where you can import excerpts of posts to Facebook? I feel like if I could export exerpts to an RSS feed, and then have the feed imported to Facebook, that would work… but I don’t even know where to find my site’s RSS feed.

Ugggg.Why have I made this so complicated?

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2 Responses to “Too dumb for the ‘net”

  1. Megan Says:

    I think you could just ask people to follow you on Networked Blogs. Hmmm. The coffee pot is broken so my brain is fuzzy, but I think that when I signed up, I had to get a certain number of my friends to confirm that I was actually the author of my site. If you didn’t get enough responses, just ask more people.

    You could post links to your page when you finish a post, but it’s easier to have Networked Blogs do it automatically.

    • Jackie S. Quire Says:

      It worked! I’m so thrilled you have NO idea.
      I assumed no one would “join” because of all the bullshit applications now on Facebook… but people DID joing and now I’m just giddy!
      The application works so well, I can’t believe it.
      It’s nice when things “just work”!

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