*Oink, *Cough, *Oink?

Hey blogging world:

I am writing this little note because I may be needing a bit of a writing-break over the next couple of days. That allergy problem I wrote about a couple days ago appears to be something more.

I went to Fredericton to help my sister move yesterday, and by the time Dad and I got back home (belly full o’ fried clams and good conversation) my voice had all but up and went on strike.

A couple hours later I had one of the biggest scares in recent history: I woke up and couldn’t breathe. It may have been my cold (or whatever the hell this is), it may have been my asthma (which I could have sworn was under control and/or gone). Either way, I couldn’t stop coughing, and couldn’t breathe through my mouth. It was like a flap had settled over my wind pipe. It was terrifying.

And of course, since I’ve not needed any of my asthma medications in the past 2 or 3 years, they were all out of date. And they had stopped prescribing me an emergency inhaler years ago. Probably because I never needed one.

Anyways, I eventually did get to sleep… after scaring the crap out of my mom (it’s nice to be taken care of, by the way) and have spent just about all today in bed with the pup (who I’m convinced either knows I’m sick or has realized the only fan in the house he has access to is the one pointing at my bed) and Season 4 of the West Wing.

I can breathe okay today, but something’s still not right. My brain is all fuzzy and all I want to do is sleep. Sleep and cough.

So yah, if I’m not around for a bit, that’s why. Hope y’all understand.

2 Responses to “*Oink, *Cough, *Oink?”

  1. lhunter Says:

    Well take time and have a little vacation….You are probably declimatetizing ha ha what a word…

    • Jackie S. Quire Says:

      You’re so right. I just need a little time to get used to the allergens etc. of the south!

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