What a waste of my time

Note to self. Next time a job advertisement leaves the “salary” field blank, there’s probably a reason why.

And, don’t wait until the end of a 1.5-hour-long  interview to ask.

And, I wish I had my job back.

And, it’s bloody hot in this room, even with the fan on and window open.

So I had my job interview today. It was an intense affair. First it was supposed to be online. Then the system wasn’t working right, so we did it over the phone.

The interview took place with a ‘panel’ present. Six different people from all walks of the station: news, spoken word, the board of directors etc. etc.

They asked me a whole slew of questions. Situational scenarios. ‘What would you do to make the station better’ questions. Give us examples of how you are a superhero. In the end the thing took up about an hour and a half of my day.

I asked them, at the end, when they would be letting people know. They said they would have a better idea in about a week and a half. They had to take the results of the interview to committee. Then the decision had to be approved by the board of directors. They would let me know either way.

And when I asked the salary point? They said “19.” Or at least that’s what I heard. I thought they meant 19/hr. I could do that.

But no. They meant 19,000.

Per Year.


All that trouble. All that preparation. All those hoops.

For 19 grand a year.

I can make more on EI.



5 Responses to “What a waste of my time”

  1. Mongoose Says:

    Is that even legal? How much is minimum wage?

    Come to Hay River – we got lots of “we’re not paying you so you can eat or anything” jobs.

  2. Megan Says:


    We have jobs here. And, heck, I’m here. 🙂

  3. Jackie S. Quire Says:

    Minimum wage in NB is 9/hr. I could make more money at a call centre, god forbid.

    Don’t tempt me, Megan. The only thing keeping me from YK is family.

  4. allmycke Says:

    Good grief! What planet did you say this was on?

  5. Karri Says:

    Aw, Jackie, that’s really frustrating… I’ve done a few of those… all you can do is chalk it up to interview experience, right? (Annoying Optimism?)

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