It’s a numbers game

I have been getting some strange calls on my cell phone over the past week or so. I used to have an Iqaluit number (long story, Coles Notes: I was with Bell, Rankin is served by Latitude, only Latitude has 645-numbers) and now I have a PEI one. It’s a good’un too. Lots of repetitive numbers so it’s easy for me  AND others to remember.

But I’ve been getting calls (without left messages) from this one 1-888 number repeatedly. I called them back one day, and it was the Bank of Montreal. I don’t have any active accounts with BMO so I let it slide.

They just called and were looking for someone else. I told them they had the wrong number, they apologized, we hung up. Now I would think this was weird, if it hadn’t happened to me REPEATEDLY when I was in university. We got angry bill-collectors calling all the time, always looking for whoever had that number before us.

Phone numbers are just so fluid now (oh no kids, here comes a flashback). Back in the ‘good old days’ phone numbers stayed the same for YEARS. Now I’m lucky if I have the same area code for more than six months.

My parents have had the same phone number for the past 15 years, ever since we moved to the island when I was in grade four. We moved four different times, carrying that number with us wherever we went. I was chatting with my friend Karri this morning, and though we’ve not talked on the phone in YEARS, and haven’t lived in the same province (or COUNTRY) for many years now, she STILL could rattle off my parents’ home phone.

These days, my email address is more reliable than my phone number. I’ve had the same hotmail account since grade 7 (and yes, it’s somewhat embarassing, but not as bad as and don’t see any need to change it. I will never give up my Gmail account, because it’s so hard to get a “firstname.lastname” address these days on a mainstream server these days.

Things really have gone digital eh?



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