Here and gone in a flash

I’m sure you’re tired of hearing about this, but I’ve been packing — off and on of course — for the past six weeks.

That first evening after getting my “redundancy” notice (different than a layoff notice, in MotherCorp land) I set to digging out my old Rubbermaid totes and packing up my DVDs. That in itself was no small feat: I moved up here with 1 disc to my name (Rocky Horror Picture Show, naturally) and left with hundreds. What can I say, they’re good company those long nights.

The packing continued until about 12:30 last night. That’s when the last box was taped up and shoved unceremoniously into my spare bedroom. A “last minute” tote was left open in the middle of my living room, because I accurately guessed I’d need to throw miscellaneous items there the next morning, but for all intents and purposes: I was done.

Today, the movers arrived. And in 15 short minutes, they purged that bedroom of its contents (and even tried to take the wardrobe and bed!).

Fifteen. Minutes. I spent what feels like a lifetime sorting, packing, itemizing, taping, sweating and screaming over these boxes. And they picked them up and carted them out like it was no big deal.

This is why it pays someone to do this work for you. The cost be damned.

PS, thanks MotherCorp!


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