A YouTube flashback

I was reminded today (with just one simple word: doppleganger) of an absolutely ridiculous YouTube video from when I was back in university. I just watched the first 16 seconds again, and broke out into a fit of giggles. So now I feel the need to share.

Without further ado, here’s My Hands Are Bananas: a dark German techno tells about a young man and his (un)appealing attributes!


3 Responses to “A YouTube flashback”

  1. Robyn Says:

    I was totally telling somebody about this a few days ago! Great video…

    (beware the milky pirates!)

  2. Jackie S. Quire Says:

    Oh, Robyn. You’re such a circly-square! (And incidentally, so’s your icon..)

  3. lena Says:

    In your last blog entry on a journey northwards you have the following link http://serendipitynow.blogspot.com/
    This is another blog , not yours, unless you have become Jewish


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