All cashed up and nowhere to go

This round of moving has been very very very bizarre for me. And that’s saying something, I’ve had more than my fair share of moves in this lifetime; I lived in six different houses before I left for university. I have lived in four more since then.

While I hardly remember any of the events surrounding the first five moves, (save a very bizarre purple ball of fire accompanying a massive power outage and thunderstom the night we moved into the house where my parents still live) I do remember how utterly POOR I felt moving from Ottawa to Quebec City and from Quebec City to Rankin. I was charging miscellaneous items to various credit cards like it was going out of style. I was breaking the bank at Costco. I was renting Uhauls left and right. I felt a surge of panic everytime I swiped my debit or credit car for fear it’d come back ‘declined.’

Now I’m hardly rolling in the dough over here, but I’m selling a lot of stuff that I either don’t need or don’t want to lug across the country. My house sale over the weekend netted me a tidy sum (and when I think back over what I sold, I have no clue. Must mean I’ve sold the right things). And friends are cleaning out my sealift stock (who knew kleenex and toilet paper were so valuable?)

So my bank account has more padding than usual, and I’m in this very weird situation where I don’t really WANT to spend that extra cash. Maybe it’s because I’m just so totally fufilled with my life right now, that I don’t want any frivilous material goods (hahah, right).

Or maybe it’s my SUBCONSCIOUS working on my behalf: maybe I’m unintentioanlly building myself a “unemployment sucks” backup fund. Or a travel fund. Or a PIMP MY RIDE fund. Who knows.

Or maybe I’ll just go blow all my cash at the northern on fresh fruit, haha. Now THAT’s a worthwhile investment!

But really, I should thank my lucky stars and my employer. Not everyone gets their move up north completely covered. And it’s almost unheard of to have the trip back written off too. Darcy has been a teacher in Nunavut for six years and he’s got pay for it himself. If memory serves me right, GN employees get something like 3 grand to move their worldy goods — but only after six years of loyal service. So I’d say I’ve got it pretty good.

Then again. I am losing my job here. There’s got to be SOME perks involved.



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