Fanfare and such

I had my last Rankin Inlet hamlet council meeting this afternoon. And it was a strange experience.

I had to check my “story radar” at the door a bit. It seems I’ve conditioned myself to keep an updated mental list of “upcoming” stories. Now that I know I only have a week and a bit left… I no longer need that. It was weird to almost feel myself THINK the story idea, and then put a big line through it.

But probably what will stick in my mind forever was the very end, just before they adjourned – when I told everyone it was my last meeting.

That’s when a councilor-who-will-remain-nameless (and who I have a bit of an amusement-annoyance relationship with — he’s known for randomly belching during meetings, incoherent rambling and never letting a certain Area Six expansion payroll mixup be forgotten) said “should we give her a round of applause?”

And they clapped for me. And told me they’d miss me. And that I did a good job.

And I’ll tell you, my eyes were a little misty at that point.

I doubt many journalists do what they do for the praise. Some might do it because they like to see their names in print, but they don’t do it for the praise. I can count on maybe one hand the number of times I’ve had someone tell me that I’ve done a good job. And for a needy freak like me, that can be a bit disheartening.

And what with being publicly blamed for the demise of the hotel industry last month… (see  here and here) I tell you, it was really  nice to feel like I’ve done something good here.

So thanks guys, that’ll stick with me. And of course I’ll never forget y’all. How could I?


2 Responses to “Fanfare and such”

  1. Idealistic Pragmatist Says:

    Okay, that is awesome.

  2. Mongoose Says:

    Aaaaaaawww… That’s so sweet of them.

    Getting praise at work is pretty rare for all of us, I think. Most days my boss seems to think I’m retarded… Yet he’s always finding more things for me to do, so other people tell me he must be really pleased with me. The way I see it, work is for money, friends are for affirmation, and little dogs are for unconditional love. (I’ve yet to figure out what boyfriends are for… Let me know if you find out.)

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