Wondering about walnuts

What’s the deal with walnuts anyways?

Why is it they taste so very different de-shelled than when you do it yourself?

Is it that extra effort key to the tastiness?

Or is the walnut shell actually some kind of flavour vaccum-chamber?Without which, the once-crunchy innards wither and become bland.

I wonder.

Dear walnuts, tell me your secrets!

Wow. This entire entry must be 100% lifted from a Seinfeld episode.



2 Responses to “Wondering about walnuts”

  1. Ferry Tales Says:

    Hahaha. After reading the last line I went back and read over it again, imagining Jerry Seinfeld’s voice.

  2. Jackie S. Quire Says:

    I mean wha-aat’s the DE-AL with WAL-NUTS? *cue smug walking around with microphone.

    Are they a WALL or a NUT?

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