For Cathy

I can’t help it.

Cathy after reading TB’s post earlier this month I couldn’t help but think of you when I saw this ad.

I would like to note that it seems American Apparel is soley responsible for bringing back this dark age of “fashion.”

Look at them sexifying a hair accessory like that.



2 Responses to “For Cathy”

  1. Shanlee Says:

    Yes – they are a horrid thing. However, they do hold my hair in pony tails better then elastics – but I only use one at a time – and no neon! I’m sure the “What Not to Wear” crew would cringe. It’s just so much easier then doing my hair for work! 🙂

  2. Craig Says:

    I’m not entirely sure Cathy will appreciate that, but all right…;)

    Scarily enough, I’ve already seen this ad as it routinely appears on top of the website – – which is where I strongly suspect you lifted it from.

    Oh, and since I don’t twitter, your comment about remembering you student number two years after leaving university? I still remember mine 15 years after leaving. It’s perminantly burned in there, I’m afraid.

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