Issac and Ishmael

I’ve got goosebumps.

I sat down with my laptop this evening, switched on the first episode of the third season of the West Wing, and prepared to write a photo-heavy entry about my last couple of weekends, out on the land.

But that’s not going to happen. Because the first episode of the third season of the West Wing isn’t regularly-scheduled fare. They say so in the first minute of the episode. Rather, it’s a stand-alone “play” (their words, not mine) whose profits were to go to disaster relief funds after 9/11.

I’ve got goosebumps because it caught me by surprise. The show’s not new. It went something like 7 or 8 seasons and ended years ago. So I guess I should have known it would eventually cross the September 11, 2001 timeline. But didn’t necessairily figure in there’d be a special episode they’d include on the series DVD. So yah. I’m surprised.

I can still remember that day. In my little PEI-centric, 16-year-old existance.

I was sitting in Chemistry class. I hated chemistry. I hated chemistry and I didn’t like my teacher. Actually he was a fine PERSON but he sucked at teaching. Not just teaching chemistry, but teaching. Period. It was just about noon time. “In those days” I can only think of one … *maybe* two teachers who had computers at their desks. There were another five in the library. And we had a couple computer labs, but you had to be in a class that had reserved one to be allowed to use them. Two twelfth graders (I even remember who they were, one I was in drama with for years, the other a classic class-clown) burst through the room asking if we had a television in the class. We didn’t. But they explained in breathless voices that planes had crashed into the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon. I didn’t know what the WTC was back then, but I sure knew what the Pentagon was. And I knew it was big.

I don’t remember much else about that day, other than the endless newsreel, similar to the way things unfolded with the Columbine shootings. You couldn’t escape the coverage. And I think that’s one of the things people remember most about the whole event. Those images. That media coverage.

It’s funny though. It will have been eight years ago this fall. And memories fade. But little things, like that West Wing episode, still give me the shivers. Because, for better or worse, it’s strange being a part of history.



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