Music, geekiness and veganicity Tidbits

Instead of inundating you with a million posts today, all of about 100 words each, I thought I’d be kind and save Google Reader a massive headache by doing what I am now calling a “tidbit” post. Because categories on WordPress are fun. And I’m trying to be better at classifying things on this blog than I did on the past one.

  • The lure of the south is really getting to me right now. It’s so close, but yet so far, which is frustrating because ever since I decided (or semi-decided) that I’ll be making my way home to PEI for the summer (and maybe beyond… that’s to be figured out) I’ve been thinking up all these rad things I want to do… the biggest one being Lollapalooza in August in Chicago. I’m not sure how I’d swing it… it seems kind of ridiculous to fly down for just the weekend. But driving would take like 4 days (well, that is if I stay the night in Fredericton, Quebec City, Almonte, Georgetown and finally Chicago) and that’s ridiculously expensive if you are renting a car. There is some talk of me buying one in the near-ish future, but it’s not set in stone yet, and not sure how great an idea it would be to take a ’99 chevy malibu on a 2500 km joy ride. We’ll see. Also, I’m dying a little bit inside because the act lineup for this year’s Festivale d’Ete in Quebec City looks just stellar. Pink Martini, Metric, Yah Yah Yahs… and of course, my good friend Ice Cube (oh yah, I’m serious)
  • My friend Laura got me hooked on what can only be described as the best webcomic of all time. Okay, so I’m not really a webcomic kinda gal. Actually, I’m not an ANY kind of comic type gal (sorry, TB). But I have to admit, I’m hooked.  It’s called Questionable Content and as the author describes,

Questionable Content (or “QC,” as it is frequently abbreviated) is an online comic strip that is ostensibly about romance, indie rock, little robots, and the problems people have.

Here’s one of my current favourites from the series. There are like over 1400 posts on his site, so it’s not like you are going to get through them all in a day, week or probably even month. But according to Wikipedia, it’s one of the only webcomics to be totally self-sufficient. If you find it at all hilarious (and I’m sure you will because I have IMPECCIBLE taste, haha) I’d advise starting at the beginning. It’s kind of neat to see how the look evolved over time. The author also does little blog-like entries, and his excitment over the success of the comic strip is infectious.

  • Normally I try not to give PETA the time of day (I firmly believe they say the ridiculous things they do just to get more media attention and house-hold name-dropping)… I clicked onto their site to peek at the no-harm fly swatter everyone’s been talking about (ps, looks freaking ridiculous) and came across this: That’s right. Vegan dog food. Because, you know… when I’ve got my dog out on the land, he always turns his nose up at the rotting ptarmagin carcasses and heads strate for the (organic) tundra grass. Suuure.

Tis all! Have a wonderful weekend y’all (unless something else random pops into my head…)

Current album: Wintersleep – Welcome to the night sky


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