Moving and general confusion

So I’m moving.

You all know that. Of course you do. When your job gets cut in a town like Rankin, you move. Or at least I do.

Last week I was all hunky dory, beginning the whole process. I was told I had six weeks. And CBC insisted they would have someone pack me up. And my last day of work was the 23rd of July. “But don’t worry. There’s some flexibility there.”


I *told* them that I didn’t think there were any packing people in town. But they INSISTED there was, and I wouldn’t have to pack a thing. So I *gasp* took last night off.


There aren’t any PACKERS in town. Duh! And there’s no flexibilty on when I have to leave. And. I. Quote.

As for the housing unit, you are not able to stay in the unit beyond the listed last day of work.

Ooooh that really grinds my gears. Let’s consider a couple things.

  1. July 23rd is a Thursday. That’s right. My last day of work is a Thursday. Not only is that a random day of the week (it was tied to my “notice” date) I am not “allowed” to live in my apartment past then.
  2. 90% of the flights southwards leave on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. Not Thursdays.
  3. The apartment is going to be empty at LEAST until the end of the month, if not longer than that. No. One. Is. Moving. In. The CBC has a lease on the place and no one knows exactly what they are going to do with it.
  4. It’s not like I was fired. My position was made redundant. And while the distinction may seem silly, it’s a big one. The “tone” of me leaving is supposed to be very different.

So I’m a little bit peeved right now. I don’t like the way things are feeling. I don’t like that it feels like they are trying to get rid of me as soon as possible. I don’t like that it feels like they are yelling at me for having too much stuff (which, by the way, is totally bogus. It’s not like I’m asking them to ship back a couch, bed, dresser etc. I am trying to sell my ski-doo and elliptical trainer. And the rest is what I had when I moved up).

Packing is a lot of work. And while I’ll admit, I WANTED to do some of it myself (when I came up they just threw everything in boxes without any organization at all, in fact they even DISMANTLED some of my organization. I was not impressed). But I didn’t want to do it all. I didn’t want to have to spend days on the phone with some lady from McWilliams moving who will walk me through how to wrap my TV in boxes M&T will maybe possibly drop off at their convenience.

Sigh. I’m frustrated. I don’t really understand how I’m supposed to be working full time and moving myself without any assistance… and I really wish I had a better grasp on where I am going to be on the other end of this.

Let’s just hope this is a case of the Thursday-blues and I’m totally over-reacting and everything will be smooth sailing from here.

After all I do have six weeks…. eep, make that five…

Current album: Reel Big Fish: Our Live Album Is Better Than Yours (flashback to Festivale de Quebec anyone?)


12 Responses to “Moving and general confusion”

  1. Fawn Says:

    The apartment thing would burn me up, too. *growl*

    Serenity now, serenity now, serenity now.

    (And, as my BIL would say, insanity later…)

  2. Megan Says:


    The Residential Tenancies Act of Nunavut, section 56, would appear to apply (says this non-lawyer).

    56. (1) Notwithstanding any other provision of this Act, where
    (a) a tenant who was provided by his or her employer with rental premises during the employment of the tenant as a benefit of employment has had his or her employment terminated, or
    (b) a landlord has entered into a tenancy agreement in respect of a caretaker’s unit, unless otherwise agreed,
    the tenancy of the tenant is terminated on the day on which the employment of the tenant is lawfully terminated.

    (2) The tenant referred to in subsection (1) shall
    vacate the rental premises or caretaker’s unit not later than one week after his or her employment is lawfully terminated.

    (3) Notwithstanding section 67, a landlord shall
    not charge or receive any rent or compensation from the tenant referred to in subsection (1) in respect of the period of one week referred to in subsection (2).

    Your tenancy ends on your last day of work. Then you have one week to leave the unit. You don’t owe rent for that week.

    Remember, I AM NOT A LAWYER. But you should tell HR that what they told you doesn’t seem right. And if they still give you a hard time, call the rental office.

    Call me if you need help with this.

  3. Megan Says:

    Here’s the link.

  4. Jackie S. Quire Says:

    Sweet jesus Megan, you may not be a lawyer, but you are some kind of genius.

    Thanks so much, I appreciate it 189% 😀

    Knew that didn’t seem kosher…

  5. Kent Says:

    THis would be why you have a union. Call them.

  6. Matthew & Michele Says:

    I used to bad mouth the unions a lot until I joined one. Now I think they rock. It’s nice to have a group that will defend you and prevent the employer from taking advantage of you.

    Go ahead and call them for help and advise. That is what you pay for every week.

    Sad to see you go and we will be following your blog or blogs whereever you end up.

    Good Luck
    The M&M of Cape Dorset

  7. Jackie S. Quire Says:

    Thanks for the advice, support etc.

    I sent a note off to the quoted fella late last night, and copied it to one of my union folkies in Iqaluit.

    I’m pretty confidant things will work out okay.


  8. Lena Says:

    Do you pay your rent in advance? If so you would have to the end of the month.

  9. Jackie S. Quire Says:

    I checked into that, my rent will be prorated to the day, apparently.

  10. Helen Krause Says:

    Is there something in your employment contract that refers to relocation.? If so you can use that for leverage with the “moving assistance” bit. Or just call Bill Riddell in Iqaluit and get his advice.

  11. Mongoose Says:

    Until I read Megan’s comment, my suggestion was to fly out on the Wednesday and screw the last two days of work. With or without notice to them, depending how pissy you feel. But I guess hers is much more professional.

    I was gonna say also that if the MotherCorp paid for my plane ticket I’d come pack for you, but I’d have to check with my employer first, on account of missing a Friday and a Monday.

    Anyway, I’m late getting to this, obviously, but I’m sorry you got downsized – I think? You didn’t seem all that happy there anyway, but yeah, it’s always nicer to leave on one’s own terms. And I’ll wait till you’re in your new digs to send the afghan, so you don’t have to relocate that as well.

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