Me as a Mormon – Part 2

Reader asks….

Why does your polygamy have to include multiple wives? Would it work if you had multiple husbands?

See this comment deserves its very own little post. Because frankly, I hadn’t given that much thought at all. Probably because my only exposure to polygamy comes from too much TV-watching and some extensive (though largely boring) Wikipedia-ing… and not at all any real-life encounters.

Back when I was living in Quebec City (the immediate pre-Nunavut days) I tried dating more than one person at the same time. I wasn’t being a floozy, I just was VERY casually going out for drinks with two different people. And I didn’t like it. Inevitably I liked one more than the other and felt smarmy when I was with the “wrong” one.

On the other hand, I have noticed that I have a nack for developing “mini-crushes” on people when I’m in a relationship. Nothing serious, just silly little Jr. High school crushes where you giggle when that dreamboat over there glances your way. Generally harmless and they tend to fade away on their own. I used to freak out about this, but decided instead it’s just Jackie-normal.

But I just don’t think having multiple spouses is for me. Too complicated. I’d worry too much about who I like more and not letting the other one know… but I guess *ideally* the principle is that you love each of the people equally and can’t bear to be without any of them…

But I just don’t think that’s me. I’m a one-man gal. When I am with someone they get all of me. I don’t know how to split my heart. And I’m not sure I want to. It doesn’t sound comfy.

Current Album: There is no current album. I’m bouncing around my iPod tracks by artist and SWEET MOTHER OF GOD I CAN’T BELIEVE I HAVE LADY GAGA ON HERE, WTF IS A LADY GAGA?! Excuse me while I puke up my lunch. And purge my iPod.  (Oh God. I know this song. OH SHIT I ACTUALLY LIKE THIS SONG FAAAAAAAAK who have I BECOME?)

Also, can we dicuss how funny it is that I’ve mentioned both polygamy and Lady Gaga in the same 360 words? That’s got to deserve some sort of award.


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